Laaja toiminta vaatii myös toimivan rahoituksen. Vaikka suurin osa yhdistyksen toimintakuluista pystytään kattamaan NKL:n myöntämällä toiminta-avustuksella, STEA:n kohdennetulla toiminta-avustukselle sekä jäsenmaksuilla, tarvitaan myös muuta rahoitusta. Iso osa jäsenistön hyväksi koituvasta toiminnasta pystytään järjestämään lahjoituksien ja testamenttien kautta tulleen omaisuuden avulla.

Jos haluat tulla mukaan auttamaan ja tukemaan yhdistyksen toimintaa, ilmoittaudu vapaaehtoiseksi viereisen linkin avulla tai ota yhteyttä puhelimitse tai sähköpostitse toimintakeskukselle.

Being our member grants you many new contacts and benefits. The association organises a wide range of activities for its members. We have taken members of all ages and conditions into consideration. Through us you find invaluable peer support.


You can take part in crafts, book club, show down-game or bowling. The association actively organises trips and events like Shrove Tuesday, pre-Christmas parties and the annual summer trip. You can find more information about our clubs, courses and future events on our events calendar.


We advise members on aquiring tools and help with IT related questions. It is possible to order the newspaper Keskisuomalainen through us with a member discount. As a member, you can get a recorded version of your local newspaper.

You can become a member by filling the form below. You can also change your address through the same form.


In order to be granted membership, you must provide a medical report stating the degree of your disability to our office.


Comprehensive activities also require functional funding. Even though the most part of our expenses are covered by the grant of NKL, the allocated project grant by RAY and membership fees, we also need other funding.  We are able to organise a big part of of the activities helping our members with the money we get from donations and wills.


If you wish to join and support our association, become a volunteer via the link on the right or contact us via phone or email.